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After packing up all those knickknacks, washing your windows, steaming your carpets, organizing your closets, spreading fresh mulch, planting flowers, and hiring your Realtor you are now ready to place the sign in the yard…FOR SALE! At this point turning down a showing is like casting a net into a pond with a giant hole Read More…


  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news however when you are preparing your home to go on the market don’t think you are off the hook when it comes to organizing your closets!  Closets are typically the last areas owners tackle and sometimes they are completely overlook but quite often your Read More…


Just yesterday I was asked the question: “What should we be doing to get our home ready to sell?”  In my opinion these are the top 5 things you MUST do before listing your home. 1. Remove personal items I am sure your family is very attractive and that you smile every time you look Read More…

Pete Laver

Please…No Cookies!

March 8th, 2013  |  +  |  Leave a Comment

Often time sellers are so wrapped up around hiding the laundry, cleaning the dishes, and mowing the lawn that they forget how important the sense of smell is to a buyer as they walk in your home. It is often thought that the aroma of freshly baked bread, apple pie, or cookies are the best Read More…


#1. Call your Realtor | It always helps to have a Realtor walk through your home with buyer’s eyes on. Take notes of everything they see positive and negative these are the things you should be focusing on to enhance or improve! #2. Make Small Repairs | House that needs repair will generate a lower Read More…